About Mahmutlar

Mahmutlar has more than 30.000 permanent inhabitants and increases vastly in the summer period. The infra-structure is based on European standards - pipes and electrical systems, as well as the sewer-system. In 2004/2005 the shops on Barbaros Blvd. were changed from the traditional Turkish ones to the European standard. However, if you prefer the Turkish traditions – you will find what you are looking for on Atatürk street. And at the Saturday market in the center – or the Tuesday market in the eastern end of Mahmutlar. In the past people had to go to Alanya for certain things (shopping, bank, paying bills etc.). Today Mahmutlar has everything. And most people prefer to shop and eat in these quiet environments where no one “drags” you into the place or hangs over you when you look at the products. In Mahmutlar it is well-known that Europeans do not like to be bothered while shopping or eating.