Alanya Metropolitan Municipality

30th of March 2014 is the local elections in Turkey.

In Alanya 17 municipalities will be put together and we get a council located in Alanya.

In connection with this merger, it pops up a lot of questions from the audience.

JOURNAL will bring news about the case - in addition we build a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) library in Mahmutlar website.

We've posted some questions along with the answers now. It's up to you to take part in developing this library - for the benefit of all readers.

Every time a question is answered, this will also be notified on our Facebook.


How do I pay water bills and municipal taxes after the merger?

The previous council house will continue as an administration building. All practical tasks to be performed here - as before.

Only politicians wil be centralized in a large Alanya municipalilty.

Will taxes be ffected?

There is no indication of any change in tax rates or fees.

The merger results in reduced costs. For the first, it is expensive to have politicians operating in small municipalities. Secondly gathering the machine parks and other assets and liabilities will lead to an efficient and more useful stock. Excess items will to be sold to other districts.

Does the influence get weaker when initiatives will be decided in Alanya?

For a number of the smaller municipalities influence will almost certainly be somewhat reduced. A municipality like Mahmutlar will be strongly represented and thus have a greater impact force. Kargıcak Council has now asked to be placed directly under Mahmutlar prior to the election. This is done to strengthen Mahmutlars position.

Kestel municipality gave early warning that they were 100% for a merger. The result was an "injection" of substantial funding for the improvement of municipal infrastructure. Something we see clear results now.

Alanya Municipality has an upper target that the district must complete refurbishment, so tourists will be more attracted to our area. This objective is also one of the Metropolitan Municipality's main issues.

How will Oba be affected?

Oba has for a long time been more or less integrated in Alanya. Designated council, with council quite far from the Oba most foreigners know. This council house continues as the administration building - where water and taxes shall be paid. Iskan will still be issued in this building. For most of us there will be no noticeable change. Only politicians that will not accommodate the building further.

The biggest change will probably be that you can not see the borders between the former municipalities so clearly. When the streets are refurbished, i.e.,no work will stop at a municipal border.

The most notable of Oba will probably be the construction of the new highway. The project was put on hold until all municipalities were gathered. Below is a map showing roughly the route of the new road. This is given by the local government in Oba.

New Road Alanya.jpg (160,4 kB)

What effect has the merger of the municipalities on Gazipaşa airport ?

Gazipaşa municipality are not included in Alanya metropolitan municipality. The merger of 17 municipalities have no influence on the development of the airport. This progress goes on with great speed already, based on that the Alanya area is the most attractive tourist area in Turkey. The Prime Minister was visiting the airport in December and gave standing authorizations to all that is necessary to do to develop the airport to the maximum.

  JOURNAL brings news about the development of GZP .  

What status will the former municipalities get?

Each municipality status as "Mahalle". To translate this concept directly is a challenge on par with several other Turkish words.

District. Area. Quarter.

Let us land on the definition residentila aread.

A "Mahalle" has a leading person who belongs to the municipal administration - with dedicated jobs to perorm. The main one is to keep track of every detail that goes around every resident in his "Mahalle". The office is not located in the council house, but is separately elsewhere in the area. This position is called "Muhtar ". This person is elected through the same local elections as municipal councils are elected in.

"Muhtar" means bailiff. The function is much the same as with this profession in Europe. In addition, "Muhtar" is the local version of a National Registry.