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Datum: 26-02-2024

Door: Kieran Adams


I lost everything that I had worked for to scammers online in the Internet investing into cryptocurrency which was a decision I will forever regret taking, I took the decision knowing about the financial gains I stand to make if I invested into crypto but I fall prey to a scammers ploy to take people's funds away. I hated myself for the decision investing almost everything I have worked for all my life $520,000 worth of crypto into cryptocurrency with a fraudulent investment company, the frustration and hardship that I lived in this predicament is something that I don't wish for anyone out there whom invested with investment companies with high hopes of amassing wealth and bettering their life's and end up getting their life's turned upside down. Without no ideas on what to do I had lost all hopes of ever retrieving back my lost investment funds until that faithful day I was going through the Internet and came across reviews about COREASSETINC RECOVERY FIRM by their clients which got their funds retrieved back working with them that were really great going through most of them, the reviews were mostly about stolen crypto or lost investment funds which got retrieved back with the services of COREASSETINC and trusting the recovery process I reached out to them through their contact details ( COREASSETINC @ GMAIL . COM OR Telegram ID : @ COREASSETINC ). They were indeed the real deal when it comes to the recovering of lost investment funds which was exactly what they did in my own case helping me retrieve back my funds which I thought wasn't possible at first, any victim of scam looking to get back their funds shouldn't look past COREASSETINC they are my life saviors.

Datum: 26-02-2024

Door: Jordan Schultz


It wasn't the best of decisions from deciding to invest my hard earned funds into crypto currency which wasn't really a bad Idea knowing I could double my funds by investing into crypto, I invested with a company known as " GARDA CAPITAL " which deals in crypto trading and investment which I trusted with my funds $580,000 worth of crypto. I was able to make some withdrawal at first but going forward I couldn't process any withdrawal with all my requests for a withdrawal being declined abruptly by the company and on reaching out to the support group I was told the company was going through some maintenance, that was the last I heard from them and the company went offline which was really devastating. But thanks to the meticulous effort of DARKRECOVERYHACKS and its expert hackers which traced down my funds and retrieved back my lost investment funds, it's wasn't an easy task with days and nights of anxiety, everything I thought I had lost were retrieved back into my wallet after I sent them my wallet on their request with email message telling me my funds has been successfully retrieved which was an unbelievable feeling to experience after many weeks and months of hardship and anguish. Trust me I know that feeling when you have lost all hopes and all of a sudden a miracle happens and it's hard for some people who don't trust themselves but trust me they are worthy, efficient and can be trusted with lost investments recovery, and I tell you there is not doubt their recovery process is the best.( DARKRECOVERYHACKS @ GMAIL . COM \ Telegram : @ DARKRECOVERYHACKS )

Datum: 26-02-2024

Door: Recovery Intel



Let us show you the art of Ethical Hacking….!

EMERALD HACKS is a financial regulator, PRIVATE investigation and funds recovery body. We specialize in cases as regards ETHICAL HACKING, CRYPTOCURRENCY, FAKE INVESTMENT SCHEMES and RECOVERY SCAM. We are also experts in CREDIT REPAIR, we analyze what’s impacting your score.
All software tools needed to execute RECOVERIES from start to finish are available in stock.
Kindly NOTE that the available tools does NOT apply to CREDIT FIX.

Be ALERT to FALSE reviews and testimonies on the internet, the authors and perpetrators unite to form a syndicate.

Contact our team as soon as you can via the email address below to book a mail meeting with an ethical hacker.

Stay Safe out there !

Datum: 23-02-2024

Door: Lynne Seabury

Onderwerp: SCAMMED

FUNDS RECOVERY WITH EXNER PRO HACKER (EPH)I am sure most of us had asignificantly hard year on 2020. A year where most cryptos were becoming thenew deal in the markets. Most people if not all were rushing into its investment.Hardly did I know that this was a slopy road as well. Crypto scam was not a well-knownglobal thing until later in the 2021 and 2022. Losing $300,000 was amongst mymost traumatic experiences. With a touch on the phone, it was all gone. The investorescaped into thin air. I met Exner Pro Hacker later on in 2023 November. Quite frankly,I knew there would be no way on earth I was going to get my money back. Either way,these guys promised a thorough sweep into the case. Fast forward, they managedto recover $250,000 as the rest had been used. I could not be more grateful. Thatamount was more than okay with me. Don’t entirely give up on your lost crypto orfunds without consulting with Exner Pro Hacker. Reach them on their email, I wish you well.

Datum: 22-02-2024

Door: Helen Robinson

Onderwerp: Les mer:


Hi everyone my name is Helen Robinson 
For any of your cryptocurrency recovery needs, I wholeheartedly suggest Wizard Williams Recovery. Without Wizard Williams Recovery's support, I would be homeless and in bankruptcy right now after having all of my money stolen through fraudulent bitcoin investments. I sincerely appreciate their assistance and expertise in ensuring that I am able to retrieve everything back. I complained to them about being a victim of a fraudulent cryptocurrency and FX trading when i came across their online review, and a few hours later, they returned all of the money that had been taken from me through Bitcoins. To everyone who must have gone through such a challenge, I firmly suggest using their services. You can get in line with them through;

Email address: (
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 Appreciate me later.

Datum: 22-02-2024




I lost more than $250,000 to scammers when I was trying to invest. To make matters worse, I also lost $175,000 in bitcoin while attempting to track down the scammer and recover my money. Eventually, I came across an article online that mentioned a company, so I gave them a shot despite my reservations and was able to recover a respectable sum of money from them. In addition, the scammer's website was taken down and they were apprehended. I mean it when I say you need help. Reach out to these folks.

Email :


Datum: 21-02-2024

Door: Bohdanko Albert


I was absolutely impressed with EVIL HACKERS RECOVERY high professionalism and hacking prowess. They successfully recovered my lost password after a few hours of deploying their equipment to allow BIP38 decryption of the private key for Doge I'd held since 2016. There is obviously a high level of trust involved in handing over keys and possible passwords but carrying out my due diligence with reviews and one recommendation from someone I already knew, gave me the confidence I needed. The Doge was worth 100's of thousands of dollars and he deducted the agreed commission and assisted me with getting it safely to my exchange. I've since monetized the coin so it's real. Mightily impressed and grateful for his service after somewhat giving up on thinking I would never realize the substantial theoretical gain. I gave EVIL HACKERS RECOVERY as many seeds of various passwords I had been using around that era and as much information I could help and that greatly assisted the task. Their tech skills and equipment were just what were needed for the job and wish him all the success with lots more enquiries. You can contact them through their email which is: recoveryevilhackers

Datum: 20-02-2024

Door: Evzen Miroslav


A few months ago, I stumbled upon a post about a cryptocurrency investment platform that I thought was a good idea at that time to invest in crypto, I didn’t realize I was being catfishes by the cryptocurrency investment manager who promised me huge returns on my investment. I lost my capital of $470,000 and interest without receiving any profits in return. I was depressed and had no idea how to move forward. I told my colleague at work about it and I was referred to Evil hackers recovery, a cryptocurrency recovery company. I provided all the information about the scam to them, and Evil hackers recovery was able to recover my funds within 72 hours. I’m truly grateful for their help and I want to recommend their service to everyone affected by these cryptocurrency scams. You can reach Evil hackers recovery via Email: recoveryevilhackers

Datum: 19-02-2024

Door: Dylan Christ


I'm here to express my utmost gratitude for EVIL HACKERS RECOVERY. One subject of concern to worry about is who to trust with personal information and money in a world full of evil and deceits. For me, EVIL HACKERS RECOVERY came through. I pledged to publicize their service to the world. I made a large BTC investment with an improper profile and was unable to withdraw my money. I could no longer withdraw and my life became unpleasant. I could only see my proper balance. After reading so many positive reviews about EVIL HACKERS RECOVERY, I made the decision to give them a try to see if they could recover my BTC. To my surprise, they successfully did it, and I am completely delighted. Kindly update EVIL HACKERS RECOVERY if you find yourself in a similar predicament to get your money back: (recoveryevilhackers@

Datum: 16-02-2024

Door: Vishal Erikson

Onderwerp: Les mer:

Seeking assistance recovering stolen cryptocurrency wallets, recovering cryptocurrency taken by scammers, or reporting a Bitcoin scammer to recover cryptocurrency? The safest course of action is to work with a reputable Wizard Williams Recovery Expert—a specialist with cyber areas of expertise that can retrieve cash that have been embezzled by fraudsters. After losing $273,000 to a fraudulent online investment organisation, I made numerous attempts to get my money back. I tried a variety of recovery firms, most of which ended up taking additional money from me. My former colleague informed me about WIZARD WILLIAMS RECOVERY. I contacted the Expert and, upon presenting my reports, the Expert was successful in retrieving my money.
Get in touch with Wizard Williams Recovery through;

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